The Memory Series represents Farah's latest work. It delves deeper into the stories of our memories and childhood moments:

"My art on many occasions is one of contrast - stillness with motion. Use of colour and hue based on what I’m feeling. My work captures the memories and dreams of my childhood. I always wished to live near a harbour, close to the ocean. Images of floating in an emerald blue sea have been my inspiration for this series of paintings. Living on the edge of the ocean gives me a positive feeling of silence and energy. In this series of paintings, I’ve given way to a tender soft background, with the foreground influenced by a duality of cubism and colour. My memories play an important role in many areas, they’re my, personal philosophy to my work. To me this is vital - both to knowledge of our planet, of Persia, and my past in particular. The most beautiful things are memories and the moment that goes with them. How can we separate our past from the present? We take those memories with us everywhere, every time. Even when our life flashes before our eyes at the moment we die. We have memories. They are seared into the deep recesses of our brain, similar to taking a photo. Every birthday, every celebration, even a sweet taste or smell calls upon those memories. Actor Jeremy Irons said: “We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they are called memories. Some take us forward, they are called dreams.”"

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